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Raid spots currently filled however still accepting general members.
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Tanaris (PvE)
Doubtful Chewy, best to ask on the weekends though, maybe get a Flex going
will there be any non heroic raids added to the raid calendar?
NO!!! IS 42!!
42 (forty-two) is the natural number immediately following 41 and directly preceding 43

We look to the future with hope, we look to the past to learn, we reform past bonds and move forward together as friends with one enduring vision. 
Enduring Vision was founded by a group of friends who want to play together, progress, and have fun doing it. We enjoy raiding, but no-one is expected to raid. We value maturity, honesty, friendship, perseverance, and knowledge of the game. We detest drama, selfishness, and impatience.We want these values to be our enduring vision. We welcome you if you share these values and are over 18.

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Lightning... Thunder... Dead!

Kaalun, Apr 29, 13 12:09 PM.
As always, congratulation to everyone.

The Sha has fallen

Kaalun, Jan 21, 13 11:43 AM.
Congratulations everyone

Is it an airplane? a UFO? No, it's Batgnome

Kaalun, Mar 22, 12 11:12 PM.
Once again, congratulations and thanks to everyone.


Kaalun, Feb 5, 12 12:58 AM.
Grats Dura and everyone. And thanks to all who've helped and for sticking around to get this done. Great job all.

Deathwing sent into the Maelstrom

Kaalun, Jan 6, 12 10:02 AM.
He put up a fight, but we put up a bigger fight.
Thanks and congratulations everyone.
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